Lumsden pub concerns

01:55, Dec 05 2013

@devlincolle The Lumsden Hotel, closed by health authorities, has reopened but the owners still have health and hygiene issues to rectify before its next inspection, authorities say.

Southland District Council environment and community group manager Bruce Halligan said Public Health South had issued a temporary closure notice.

After an inspection by environmental health staff on November 20, a letter to the hotel owner highlighted a number of concerns, including issues of cleanliness and the storage of meat at the right temperature in fridges.

These were only some of the issues highlighted that did not meet food and hygiene regulations, he said.

The proprietor was working to resolve about 10 health and hygiene issues, he said.

The owner had until December 10 to work through the issues before the inspection on that day.


''We are not setting an example of this owner but working in co-operation. We try to be  amicable in these situations to solve the issues addressed.''

Southland District Council  environmental health manager Michael Sarfaiti said the hotel had been investigated in two stages. 

The first was with Public Health South, which required urgent action and thus the closure.

Southern District Health Board Women's Children's and Public Health directorate Marion Poore said the hotel had been closed due to issues with the condition of the premises.  

''The premises has now rectified those issues and has been permitted to reopen.''

The remaining issues came under environmental health. 

The issues were still quite serious but the hotel was able to reopen while resolving them, Mr Sarfaiti said.

Calls to the hotel yesterday afternoon were not returned.

The Southland Times