Police not happy with 'crate day'

21:11, Dec 08 2013

Invercargill police say they are disappointed to see a return to the Kiwi binge drinking culture after Saturday's National Crate Day.

Senior Sergeant John Pine said officers were kept busy with disorderly behaviour, fighting and general hooliganism.

''It was disappointing to see the poor judgement and alcohol-fuelled stupidity of some people,'' he said.

National Crate Day challenges people to drink a dozen ''swappa crate'' 750ml bottles of beer in a day.

The Invercargill Fire Brigade was called to five properties, one of them twice, at the weekend, to discover partygoers possibly celebrating crate day.

A vehicle was found doing a burnout in a garage in Chesney St, while a stack of tyres was set alight in the middle of Elizabeth Park early yesterday.


The Southland Times