It's been a big year for . . . Vaughan McCall

Vaughan McCall.
Vaughan McCall.

The talented Southland golfer has had a hectic year, plying his trade on courses around the world. He talks to The Southland Times about the year that was:

1) What was your personal highlight of 2013?

Highlight for 2013 was qualiying for the US Amateur. Around the United States there were 91 qualifying locations and a total of 7500 people going for 300 spots.

2) What was your biggest regret?

None. All my experiences have helped mould me into the person I am today.

3) What was your best purchase of the year?

A cookbook

4) Most embarrassing moment of the year?

Standing on someone's line while putting at the NZ Open.

5) What made you laugh this year?

I laugh too much in my life to single something out.

6) What made you angry this year?

Missing putts for par.

7) What new skill did you learn?

Too many to single out. But working out how to utilise greens mapping into my greens reading.

8) How has your life changed from January 1 to now?

Getting the opportunities I have through NZGolf. The events I have played have been great.

9) What's your goal for 2014?

Make the NZ team to play the World teams amateur in Japan in September. (Eisenhower)

10) Tell us a secret . . .

I couldn't tie my shoelaces until I was 7.

The Southland Times