Lodge flush mob find open-air loo

16:00, Dec 27 2013
Toilet roundabout
PIT STOP: Coachman’s Inn Motor Lodge staff, from left, Asha Ghising, Shirley Fortune, Jim Fletcher and Carley Johnstone, with Melissa Wilson, seated, take a toilet break at an Invercargill roundabout.

Visitors to Invercargill could be forgiven for thinking the city's public restrooms lack privacy.

A toilet was anonymously deposited in the centre of the Tay St and Racecourse Rd roundabout on Thursday night.

Coachman's Inn Motor Lodge staff arrived at work yesterday morning to find the toilet on the roundabout in front of the business, and manager Cherie Brass said staff initially suspected it had been taken from inside the lodge.

"We do have funny things happen from time to time and the first thought was that someone had got into the ablution block."

However, all the lodge's toilets were present and accounted for, she said.

When inspected by the Coachman's Inn team, the mystery loo was found to be clean, and the lodge's maintenance man had suggested turning it into a permanent feature by planting lavender in it, Ms Brass said.

The Invercargill City Council planned to send an employee to deal with the roundabout toilet yesterday afternoon.


The Southland Times