Carter, Charlotte top name list

Jack made the cut, but Jill lost out to Charlotte, Ruby and Sophie in the baby name stakes this year.

A list of the most popular baby names in Southland, compiled using names published in The Southland Times birth notices this year, shows parents stuck largely to the tried and true when christening their children in 2013.

For boys, Carter, Jack and Charlie were the most popular first names, while Charlotte narrowly took top spot for the girls.

Overall, James was the most favoured name, appearing as a first and middle name in Southland Times birth notices 36 times.

While most Southlanders played it straight, preferring traditional names to the exotic, a few parents embraced the unconventional.

2013 welcomed in twin girls named Summer Chilli and Indie Storm, a boy with the middle name Gamble and another with the first name of Jai-Ryn.

Then there was a little girl named April, born in March, and a baby called June, born in May.

Common names cropped up with unusual spellings, like the creative Natally or Elyce, and vintage names, including Ezekiel, Gideon and Archie, were brought back into modern usage.

United States presidents were also trending, with Nixon and Lincoln appearing alongside the top-rating Carter.

Some parents showed literary leanings, naming their newborns Darcy and Persephone, while others turned to geography when choosing London, Brooklyn, Indiana, Georgia and Brighton for their child.

Celebrity baby names were not as popular as they have been in the past.

Despite the media hype surrounding her birth in June, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's little girl North West has not spawned any namesakes in Southland - yet.

Royal baby fever also failed to follow through, with only four Georges recorded, although one of his highness's middle names, Alexander, did prove more popular, given as a middle name to 13 Southlanders.

Last year, Jack was the most popular boys' name in New Zealand and Olivia the most popular for girls.


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