New Year special

01:14, Jan 02 2014
Paul Gerrard
Dad Paul Gerrard, mum Amanda Smart and brother Kyrell Gerrard welcome Lourdes.

Oh baby, here you are!

Dad Paul Gerrard, mum Amanda Smart and brother Kyrell Gerrard, welcome Lourdes Valerie Te Naani Gerrard into their family on New Year's Day.

The Invercargill family welcomed their baby girl into the world at 5.03pm yesterday, the first baby to be born in the south.

The new addition to the family was born under Kyrell's watchful eye.

The excited 7-year-old said he was going to be the best big brother possible. He looked forward to when his little sister could play on the trampoline with him, but until then was happy cuddling her.

Ms Smart went into labour on New Year's Eve and while many partied the night away she spent the evening at home.


After going to Southland Hospital early yesterday morning, she finally gave birth to Lourdes, who was happy and healthy and weighed 3.1kg (6lb 14oz).

Ms Smart said she was worried her daughter would be born on Christmas Day, but to be born on January 1 was a good start to the year. Lourdes was due today.


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