Non-smoking, casual drinkers with no children in demand

01:33, Jan 03 2014

@devlincolle Southlanders continue to look for love online and as they prepare for the busiest time of the cyber-dating year, they know exactly what they want from a partner.

The Trade Me online dating website FindSomeone shows dating remains popular in Southland and its membership increased 13 per cent since last year.

According to the survey, most Southland singles, along with those in the rest of the country, are looking for a non-smoking, casual drinker with no children.

FindSomeone spokesman Rick Davies said internet dating had "marched into the mainstream" and Kiwis were flocking online in record levels.

"The lead-in to new year is always the busiest time of the cyber-dating year."

Nationally, more than 264,000 messages were exchanged via FindSomeone during the past week, up 60 per cent on the same time last year.


Southland online daters kicked up their festive messaging activity this year, with messages sent increasing 68 per cent last week compared with the same time last year.

There are more males than females registered on FindSomeone in Southland. However, during the past year more Southland females created accounts than males, he said.

The average Southland FindSomeone male is 38 years old, weighs 85kg, is 177cm tall and one in five has children.

The average Southland FindSomeone female is 39 years old, weighs 66kg, is 161cm tall and one in three has children.

The No 1 criterion for men and women in a prospective partner was for them to be a non-smoker, followed by their potential love interest not having any children, Mr Davies said.

Dating online was the new normal and any social awkwardness around online dating was no longer an issue.

"The stigma surrounding online dating has been well and truly demolished," he said.

According to the site, a typical male online dater will enjoy a casual drink, be of NZ-European descent, have brown hair, and be a non-smoking atheist.

The typical female online dater in New Zealand is also most likely to be a casual drinker and non-smoker, but is more likely to have children, Mr Davies said.

Men prefer blondes, while women prefer blokes with brown hair.

"This is an aggregated view, so if you've got black or red hair, have little sprouts running around and haven't yet kicked the smoking habit, all is not lost," Mr Davies said.


Most desirable traits:

In men 1. Non-smoker 2. Casual drinker 3. No kids 4. NZ European 5. Christian

In women 1. Non-smoker 2. No kids 3. Casual drinker 4. NZ European 5. Blonde


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