Poo-cake stunt goes viral

01:45, Jan 08 2014
Poo-shaped cake
CHOCOLATE LOG: The cake sent to a client by Oh Cakes owner Emma McDonald. The wording on the sign has been partially blurred by Fairfax Media.

A Southland woman's poo cake stunt has made international headlines.

Oh Cakes owner Emma McDonald, of Riverton, sent a "sh** cake" to a client in December after a dispute with the customer.

Her stunt was published in The Southland Times on Saturday and has since gone global.

The story has been published in English newspaper Metro as well as several Australian publications including the Business Insider and online news websites.

Ms McDonald has also had messages of support and disappointment posted on her business' Facebook page from people all over the world, including England and India.

Her Facebook page has gained about 1000 new likers since the stunt was publicised.


One commenter said "why would you do such a horrible thing as to send that cake to 'the sister' of someone you had an argument with? I hope people boycott your business for fear that you might embarrass them. Think twice - 'twas not nice".'

Other commenters wanted to know where they could buy another.

However, Ms McDonald was responding to requests for cakes by saying she would not be taking orders.

The Southland Times