A brownie with a fringe on top

23:05, Jan 08 2014
rare mutant brown trout
RARE CATCH: Nicholas Corbin caught this rare mutant brown trout which has an extra dorsal fin (the one on the top near its head) in the Waihopai River.

A young Southland fisherman was bamboozled when he caught a brown trout with a difference.

While fishing in the Waihopai River, near Invercargill's North Rd, Nicholas Corbin, 15, caught a brown trout with an extra dorsal fin. He said his first reaction was to send his dad a text message saying he had caught a "mutant fish from The Simpsons".

"I just did not know if it was normal," he said yesterday.

Fish & Game Southland operations manager Zane Moss said it was extremely rare.

"If you think about the fact thousands of trout eggs are laid but only a handful make it to maturity, then it is extremely rare for one with this mutation to make it to this size," he said.

Mr Moss planned to have the 2.5 kilogram fish mounted and displayed at the Invercargill Fish & Game office.

"We might not ever see another one like that again, it's quite quirky."


The Southland Times