Landslide alters colour of Lake Wakatipu

02:45, Jan 10 2014
Lake Wakatipu
An aerial view of Glenorchy, the Rees River, Dart River and a blue-green Lake Wakatipu.

Lake Wakatipu has changed colour after large volumes of silt were deposited by a massive landslide in the Dart Valley.

The temporary change in colour to a blue-green is similar to the colour of Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo, which are fed by silt-heavy glacial water.

Rees-Dart track near Glenorchy is virtually impassable from south of Sandy Bluff for more than 3 kilometres to Dredge Flat after the Slip Stream deposited large volumes of rock and sludge-like silt into the river about 10km north of Chinaman's Bluff.

Silt from the landslide darkened the Dart River and the headwaters but, once disbursed and suspended in the lake, the fine silt is refracting more light.


The Southland Times