Get your mowers running - it's showtime

19:35, Jan 12 2014

Lawnmower race contestants need to sign an "injury or death" disclaimer for the return of the Lake Hayes A&P Show event today.

Race contestants have already signed up for a ride-on race and push-mower race but yesterday organisers said they were keen for "mower" people to sign up.

Lake Hayes A&P committee member Roger Tomkins said everything was ready to go for the annual show. The weather forecast was good and, so far, at least a dozen people had entered the lawnmower event.

But more race contestants were welcome as long as they arrived before 11.30am for registration and scrutiny of equipment.

Two years ago a ride-on race degenerated into a punch-up and sparked international headlines.

Wanaka man Willy Boyd threw punches at landscaping contractor Simon Hunt, of Queenstown, after he shunted Mr Boyd's mower in the larger, modified "Boss 18".


Organisers decided to reinstate the now infamous lawnmower race as a key feature in the 99th show - sponsored by the Mirror and The Southland Times - after a two-year hiatus.

Motorised mowers will be restricted to 60-inch working decks and barging or any physical contact with other race contestants is not permitted.

The race boasts a prize pool worth more than $500.

Not surprisingly, blades must not be engaged during racing.

The Southland Times