She's a hard road finding a woman

Clutha District is a lonely place for shy but nevertheless red-blooded rural bachelor blokes such as Pete.

Clutha stands out in the 2013 census as going through a woman-drought, with a top heavy population of men at 51.1 per cent.

"There certainly does seem to be a lack of younger females around here," said Pete, 38.

"I guess a better range of employment opportunities and travel draws them away."

But he isn't panicking yet. Fate would take its course, he felt. A farm manager, he didn't class himself as desperate . . . yet.

"I'm not worried about it at all. You never know, it could just happen anytime, and it could.

"But I guess for the single male or female the older you get you probably do think about it more. But worry about it? No."

Pete travels a lot and is pinning his hopes on that for meeting someone special, rather than online dating or moving out of the area to find true love.

"I've opted not to go for the online dating. It probably works very well for a lot of people but it's not for me.

"I think it's a bit fake. You don't know anything about the picture on the screen.

"If you sit down and meet face-to-face and have a chat, you build a picture of their personality and that sort of stuff.

"I feel there's a better chance of meeting someone when I'm overseas or out of the district, yeah definitely."

He wasn't going to pass up this opportunity to get something out there on his definition of a perfect woman.

She doesn't necessarily have to drink Speight's but . . . would have a sense of humour, be laid-back, easy going, keen on the outdoors, and like to travel - same as him.

The Southland Times