It's raining men in the rural south

19:35, Jan 12 2014

Self-proclaimed social engineer Jane Metcalfe of Mainland Dating says she's witnessed firsthand the agonising consequences of woman droughts in the south.

"I once took a busload of women down to the pub at Owaka [in the Clutha District]. The publican organised the men. Everyone got blind drunk and had a ball of a time.

"And you know what the funniest thing was? One couple met, fell in love, and got married."

Ms Metcalfe, herself single, wasn't quite that lucky.

"One of the men got me up for a dance. We'd only just got on the floor and he asked me if I'd be willing to have his children."

She appreciated that he was so upfront about what he so desperately wanted for the future - a wife and children.


"I told him, let's finish the dance first!"

Her business runs dating events from Timaru to Invercargill.

A scarcity of women-folk is common in rural areas across the country, she said.

"We get way more men than women at our events and sometimes we have to run men away. "

She believed census figures reflected that women did not see a huge amount for them in the rural areas, while the men tended to stay on to run the farms.

The Southland Times