Jetskiers escape collision unscathed

22:28, Jan 12 2014

Two men were lucky to escape injury when their jetskis collided on the Clutha River near Luggate at the weekend.

The incident happened late on Saturday when the men involved in the crash, one from Queenstown and another from Christchurch, were returning from Lake Dunstan to a point near Luggate.

The crash surprised Queenstown Habourmaster Marty Black, who was deeply relieved there were no injuries.

"It seems the lead jetski stopped suddenly after the driver noticed a big rock in the river. The other driver either did not notice he had stopped, or did not have time to take evasive action, and the second jetski rode right over the top of the first one," Mr Black said.

The men swam to shore and the jetskis were recovered before dark.

"When you see the damage to the first jetski, you have to wonder how they got away without injury," he said.

While a run of bad weather had put a dampener on the Wakatipu's, Wanaka's and Central Otago's usual mass influx of boaties and watercraft users into lakes and rivers, a turn in the weather would invariably result in a rush to the water he said.

The circumstances resulting in the close shave between the jetskis during the weekend was a timely reminder that jetskis and other boats should maintain a safe distance of at least 50 metres in distance from other craft at all times, Mr Black said. 


The Southland Times