Collision with car splits tractor in two

19:30, Jan 16 2014
HALF A TRACTOR: Firefighters clean up the mess after a tractor and a car crashed on Bluff Highway, causing the tractor to split in two.

@devlincolle: A tractor has been split in two after a crash near Bluff, leaving the driver lucky to be alive, police say.

Emergency services were called to the crash between the tractor and a car on Bluff Highway about noon yesterday.

Acting Sergeant Todd Utteridge, of Invercargill, said the car was travelling south toward Bluff, went around a bend and collided with a tractor, which had a road-sweeping attachment.

A MESS: The remains of the tractor following the crash.
A MESS: The remains of the tractor following the crash.

The driver was thrown from the tractor, which split in two.

He was shaken up and lucky to be alive, because it happened in a 100kmh area, Mr Utteridge said.

The injuries suffered by both drivers were not serious.


An ambulance spokeswoman said five people were taken to Southland Hospital.

Two fire engines from Bluff and one from Kingswell attended.

The road was closed for about 40 minutes, while firefighters cleaned up an oil spill and removed the vehicles from the road.

Police are calling for witnesses to come forward.

The Southland Times