Two motorbikes crash at farm

04:53, Jan 17 2014

A male has been flown to Dunedin Hospital in a critical condition after a crash involving two motorbikes on a farm at Wreys Bush, near Winton this afternoon.

An ambulance service spokeswoman said two motorbikes crashed with the male suffering a leg injury with the potential to bleed out.

The other person involved was flown to Southlamd Hospital with moderate injuries, she said.

The woman was met at Southland Hosp[ital staff at about 3.45pm.

Emergency services responded to the incident just after 1.30pm.

A  helicopter from Te Anau and the Otago Rescue Helicopter were deployed and the Ohai volunteer firebrigade also responded to the call out. 


Ambulances from Winton had also raced to the farm, the spokeswoman said.



The Southland Times