Industry gets behind fund

16:00, Jan 17 2014

The fishing industry is throwing its weight behind the Bluff Coastguard appeal.

Bluff Coastguard president Andy Johnson said it was heartening.

This week $8000 was added to the fund for a new boat, more than half from the fishing industry.

There was a very generous donation from Urwin and Company Ltd and independent fisherman have also donated, he said.

"The fishing industry is a huge part of search and rescue and is integral in making the whole system work and they never receive any financial compensation for their efforts on a search," Mr Johnson said.

Fishermen knew Foveaux Strait better than anyone and had the ability to add so much value to what the coastguard did.


"To think they are willing to contribute to our cause, on top of this already substantial backing, is extremely humbling to us in coastguard," Mr Johnson said.

Since the launch of the Southland Times Mayday campaign, the coastguard coffers have received $61,000 and the total amount raised towards a vital faster rescue boat has reached about $650,000.

"We need $1.2 million so we are over the hump," Mr Johnson said.

This week's donations: K A Blakemore, L R Boon Boat Appeal, P M Stirling, Mckenzie, Perioperative Theatre Staff, P D and D M Hogg, SBS Bank, Urwin and Company Ltd, E M Maloney, C and M J Cooper, Bluff Co-op Parish.

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