Intervention aims to solve board issues

20:53, Jan 21 2014

Risks to the operation of the Wanaka Primary School and "board issues" has meant a limited statutory manager has been appointed.

Ministry of Education head of sector enablement and support Katrina Casey said that following a request from the school's board of trustees, Dunedin man Cleave Hay was appointed this month.

"He has been appointed because of risks to the operation of the school. His role will be to pick up the powers of the board in relation to its employment responsibilities as employer of all school staff," Ms Casey said.

The board had been managed by a chair committee since former chairman Richard Cubie resigned from his position in December after having concerns about the way complaints from parents were being dealt with by the school.

The appointment of Mr Hay would not affect principal Wendy Bamford's role and Mr Hay would report regularly to the ministry on progress.

"We will be closely monitoring the intervention and will review his appointment within 12 months. "The aim of any intervention is to return the school to full self-governance as soon as possible, and the vast majority of schools achieve this within two years," Ms Casey said.


Mr Hay would also have a role as an advisor to the board, providing advice and support on board processes, roles and responsibilities.

"Mr Hay has experience and understanding of governance and mediation, as well as being an experienced training provider for boards of trustees," she said.

The board of trustees would "carry on as normal in all other respects", she said.

Mrs Bamford said she was delighted the ministry had worked quickly to appoint Mr Hay to the position.

She declined to comment further on details behind the appointment but said it was for "board issues that need to be resolved".


The Southland Times