Old tractor can still crank up a few stories

Edendale Vintage Machinery Club member Callum McLeod knows a whole lot of history when it comes to tractors and Edendale, but one of his possessions, a 1925 McCormick-Deering 15-30 tractor, has even more of a story to tell.

Mr McLeod's tractor will be one of the oldest pieces of machinery on display at the two-day Edendale Crank Up.

The tractor has been in the McLeod family for more than 80 years.

Mr McLeod's grandfather, Malcom McLeod, who was a farming contractor, first bought the tractor in 1931. He reconditioned and repainted it and used it to tow a chaff cutter.

No more than 10 years later the tractor was retired and put away for a long time because the family had no use for it.

"It stayed in the shed and was used for spare parts and saved until the 1970s, when it was restored," Mr McLeod said.

Now the tractor stays parked in the Edendale Vintage Machinery shed, where it is pulled out once a year for the Crank Up weekend.


What: Edendale Crank Up

Where: Edendale Recreational Grounds

When: Saturday and Sunday

Start time: 10am

Cost: $15, under-16s free 

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