Firefighters get to watch house burn

20:01, Feb 02 2014

Rural firefighters were given a rare opportunity for "live" house fire training at a controlled burn in an abandoned house on Saturday.

About a dozen volunteer firefighters from Edendale and Wyndham attended the training exercise, where a disused house in Brydone was set alight.

Invercargill station officer Colin Russell said the controlled exercise gave the firefighters a rare chance to observe how fires develop without the pressure of a real-life situation.

"Normally, if you're attending a real fire, you're in and out . . . you don't get the chance to watch how the fire develops and behaves.

"It's a good hands-on experience."

Instructors from Invercargill attended.

Opportunities to hold these training sessions were limited because to the amount of red tape involved, and it was great to give the firefighters the chance to attend one, Mr Russell said. "It was highly successful."

The house had been marked for demolition.


The Southland Times