No stopping baby Kaylyn Jo

22:51, Feb 03 2014
Baby delivery
TUCKERED OUT: Jo Folster, left, helped deliver Luella Bull’s baby Kaylyn Jo Tengahue while driving to Southland Hospital.

Riverton woman Louella Bull gave birth to her daughter in the front seat of a moving car on her way to Southland Hospital.

"To be honest, she was in a hurry to meet the world," Ms Bull said. She woke early on Sunday morning to the pain of contractions.

She set off for Southland Hospital in Invercargill with long-time friend Jo Folster at the wheel, but on the way Ms Bull said "we're not going to make it".

Ms Folster said: "I yelled at her: ‘You are not having that baby in my car. Cross your legs'."

But there was no stopping Kaylyn Jo Tengahue from entering the world on her own terms.

"I knew it was ‘all over Rover' at Waimatuku, but I just tried to suck it up and hold her in," Ms Bull said.


Kaylyn was born at 5.42am on Sunday, weighing 3kg.

Ms Bull said Kaylyn came out as the car went around the Lorneville roundabout. "I yelled at Jo, ‘we have got a baby - get my baby'."

Ms Folster took one hand off the steering wheel, reached over and pulled the newborn up by her feet. "When she began to cry, it was a relief. Both my hands were full, so I just had to stall the car to stop it,"

She swaddled the baby in a warm blanket and placed her on her mother's chest. "I knew I just had to keep her warm and get them both to the hospital. We made good time."

After mother and baby arrived at the hospital's emergency department, "a nurse came flying out with an ‘emergency baby bag' to cut the cord," Ms Folster said.

Ms Bull said hospital staff were great, although slightly bewildered.

Both mum and baby have returned to their Riverton home safe and well.

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