Man, 70, not cowed by attack

A Naenae 70-year-old assaulted outside his home early in the morning didn't go down without a fight.

Detective Ben Cornelius said police were looking for three men after an attack on Francis Watene.

"One of the offenders might have an injury to the face," Mr Cornelius said. "He [Mr Watene] has defended himself when attacked by these thugs."

Mr Watene said his wife, Barbara, heard a soft knock at the door about 3am on Sunday when she was expecting her daughter.

When she opened the door, one of the offenders told her "Frank sent us," she said.

Mr Watene went outside to investigate and found an angry man. He managed to get in a punch before the others appeared, dragged him down and began kicking him.

He described his attackers as mongrels and cowards.

The Watenes have fostered between 300 and 400 children and Mrs Watene has been awarded the Queen's Service Medal for her community work.

Mr Watene suffered a fractured collarbone, bruises and needed stitches for a torn ear. 

The Southland Times