Farmer loses tree in 'sick joke'

@devlincolle: A Southland dairy farmer was left scratching his head after waking yesterday to find someone had deliberately cut down a huge poplar tree in his lane.

The farmer, who lives in Koi Flat Rd near Waikoikoi, said he had no idea why someone would do it.

"If it was for fun, it's a sick joke," he said.

He was getting up to start milking when he saw the 30-metre tree lying across his tanker track.

"You could clearly see that it had been cut down . . . it really stuffed up my day," he said.

He had to saw the tree up to let the tanker get in.

Senior Constable John Mawhiney, of Tapanui, said a chainsaw had been used to cut down the tree. The incident happened between 10pm and 4am.

Police would like to talk to anyone with information, he said.

The Southland Times