Bait sites set up to save bats

21:06, Feb 10 2014
A long-tailed bat found in the Iris Burn Valley
STRETCHED OUT: A long-tailed bat found in the Iris Burn Valley near Te Anau being measured by Department of Conservation staff.

Bait stations are being set near Te Anau to protect a species of bat under threat of extinction.

The Department of Conservation in Fiordland is setting bait stations to control rats over 550ha to protect the critically endangered native long-tailed bat.

Long-tailed bats were first discovered in the Iris Burn Valley, Fiordland National Park, in December 2011 by visiting students and their tutor.

DOC subsequently monitored the bats and found 13 roosts in trees in the Iris Burn Valley.

DOC Fiordland project manager Em Oyston said the bait stations, comprising Pindone and cyanide, would be checked and re-baited when needed.



DOC advises observing three rules whenever warning signs about the pesticide are present:

Do not handle any bait

Do not allow children to wander unsupervised

Do not take animals for eating 

The Southland Times