Two people, one bike, 37 countries

00:59, Feb 12 2014
Angelique Capaldi
French couple Angelique Capaldi, 28, and Lionel Brunier, 38, are travelling around New Zealand.

A French couple who have travelled 54,000 kilometres around the world tandem cycling, stopped for a rest and shelter from the rain in Alexandra. 

Angelique Capaldi, 28, said she and Lionel Brunier, 38, had travelled the world since July 2011, crossing 37 countries.

They have ridden through North America, Central America, South ntsGofnte America, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, south west Asia from Malaysia to Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

''We have seen beautiful things around here, really ... The best moment (in New Zealand) was to be alone with our bicycle on the North Island in Cape Reinga at the morning with a beautiful sunrise ... and the worst moment was between Wanaka and Queenstown on the road, on this terrible hill with a strong strong wind in our face - unforgettable.''

The couple are from Nancy, France, where Capaldi has completed a degree in forensic science and Brunier was a train driver.

''We have until the 16th of February to join Christchurch, then we go back to Europe from Greece to France.''


The end of the trip was planned for June 28, 2014.

''We have already done 54,000km. We camp most of the time and we ask people to pitch to tent in their backyard. It is a good opportunity to share the local life, and have a great time.''


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