Return of stolen $2000 gazebo sought

Do your neighbours suddenly have a 6m x 3m gazebo emblazoned with the Sport Southland logo in their backyard?

There's a high probability the new $2000 gazebo doesn't belong to them.

A gazebo of the same description was uplifted from the side of the road on the morning of Sunday's Surf to City event.

Sport Southland events manager Matt Sillars said he dropped the frame and two bags containing the gazebo near the Bond St roundabout about 7.20 on Sunday morning before heading off to do other tasks.

"It was literally just on the side of the grass, which is what we've done before. I got back and said to the guys ‘where's the gazebo?'. They said, 'what gazebo?'. Within half an hour, someone took it."

The gazebo, which was on its maiden outing, was meant to provide shade for the Aurora College Rarotongan drummers while they played during the event. Instead, the drummers beat on while the sun beat down.

Mr Sillars said he was very disappointed someone had taken the gazebo.

"We really need it; it's right in the middle of our busy event season. We've got the Moonshine trail in three days' time, then all the other events right through the season. We loan it out to other organisations, it's not just us that use it."

So keen was Sport Southland for the return of the gazebo, it had a "no questions asked" policy, he said.

"Just drop it back at the stadium, even in the middle of the night."

The Southland Times