Police pounding streets in greater numbers

20:53, Feb 13 2014

Southern police have been lacing up their boots and walking the pavements instead of pushing paperwork at their desks, with foot patrols in the region increasing 388 per cent in two years.

Patrols went from 1341 in 2011 to 6543 in 2013 in a bid to prevent crime, police say.

Foot patrols in the south between 2011 and 2013 have had the largest increase in the country.

Southland area manager prevention Inspector Olaf Jensen said southern police had emphasised high-visibility foot patrols in day-to-day work. "Foot patrols and other prevention activities are also routinely tasked now as part of any operation we run."

Mr Jensen would not disclose how many officers were doing foot patrols on average and in Invercargill each day, but said rosters were organised to meet demand.

In June, 80 per cent of police officers were given portable communication devices to ensure the hours spent on paperwork were fewer so more time could be spent on the beat. Other staff received mobile devices late last year.

Mr Jensen said the introduction in those devices had assisted in allowing the police to record efficiently their activites.



The Southland Times