Big business letting Bluff down - Fife

02:45, Feb 17 2014
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This Ravensdown-owned rundown house and section in Gore St, Bluff, has come in for criticism.

The city council has pumped $73,000 into tidying up sections in Bluff, but one of the town's biggest businesses has been letting a property it owns on the main street get run down.

Ravensdown owns two houses in Gore St and the state of one of them has attracted the attention of the Bluff Community Board.

Board chairman Raymond Fife said he was disappointed by the state of the house on the corner of Gore and Liffey streets.

"It's a big firm like that and look at it, it's disappointing. I am very disappointed that a firm like that can't keep a house tidy.

"It's completely run down and the windows are broken and there is grass up to your armpits."

The town had tried hard to improve its main street and a major business was letting it down, he said.


Ravensdown store operations manager Ritchie Legge said the company had found a tenant to move into the house, but was also thinking about selling the property.

"We have just made arrangements for a tenant to move back into the area and they have agreed to tidy up 222 Gore St."

If renting the property did not work out, the company would look at the possibility of demolishing the house and clearing the section to improve the site, he said.

The property has a capital value of $85,000, according to the city council website.

"We're always ready to listen to the community board's concerns and appreciate their feedback, whether it's good or bad," Mr Legge said.

The city council launched a tidy-up initiative this month in Bluff.

It is cleaning up 55 sections at a cost of $73,000, which it plans to recoup from the homeowners.

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