Police Taser man in Mataura

22:17, Feb 16 2014

Police officers Tasered a man after an alleged stone-throwing incident escalated on the main street of Mataura yesterday.

Sergeant Greg Ballantyne, of Gore, said a Fonterra driver called police about 5.20pm yesterday after a man allegedly threw stones at his passing tanker.

Police spoke to the intoxicated man, who they said also appeared to be high, and told him to go home, Mr Ballantyne said.

However, the man refused to go home and when the officers returned to their car, he allegedly tried to pull one of them out through the window.

The officers got out to attend to the man but he continued to yell obscenities, Mr Ballantyne said.

"He was pepper-sprayed, which had no affect."

The man also allegedly assaulted one of the officers during the incident, Mr Ballantyne said.

An officer then tTsered the man.

A 22-year-old Mataura man has been charged with assaulting a police officer and will appear in the Invercargill District Court today.


The Southland Times