Hunter awaits DOC inquiry outcome

02:02, Feb 19 2014

A Te Anau hunter who has accused Department of Conservation staff in Southland of victimisation will find out the results of his complaints tomorrow.

Dave Wilson will meet the DOC deputy director-general conservation services, Kevin O'Connor, in Invercargill and be told the outcome of the DOC investigation into his concerns.

Mr Wilson says he was victimised by DOC staff after he accused a fellow contract hunter, Jordan Munn, of handling firearms unsafely at Deep Cove during a hunting trip to Secretary Island last year.

Munn, who ultimately admitted a charge of leaving a loaded firearm unattended, is the nephew of DOC Southland boss Allan Munn.

Mr Wilson says certain members of DOC Te Anau, the Secretary Island hunting crew and the Munn family worked hard to discredit him during the process of charges being laid against Jordan Munn.

Allan Munn told The Southland Times last month there was "no way" he discredited Mr Wilson during the process of charges being laid against his nephew, because he was not working for DOC at that time.


Mr Wilson said this week that DOC had failed to provide answers to most of the questions he had asked the department under the Official Information Act.

Mr Wilson said DOC's refusal to answer most of his questions, citing privacy among other reasons for withholding information, led him to believe it was "hiding stuff".

As a result, he said he was not holding his breath as to the outcome of the department's investigation into his complaints.

DOC spokesman Nick Hirst said the department would not be making any public statement about the outcome of the investigation until all parties interviewed had been informed of the findings.

DOC's responses to Mr Wilson's Official Information Act requests met its responsibility to respect the privacy rights of all the people the department had dealt with while investigating Mr Wilson's allegations, Mr Hirst said.

The Southland Times