Speeding Timms in own car

02:54, Feb 19 2014
Ali Timms, Environment Southland
Ali Timms, Environment Southland.

Environment Southland chairwoman Ali Timms was driving her own car when she was caught flouting road rules but says she is sorry her actions could reflect badly on the council.

Ms Timms, the newly elected chairwoman of the regional transport committee, was issued with a limited driver's licence after appearing in the Invercargill District Court last month. She had lost her licence after a string of driving offences.

The judge said at Ms Timms' court appearance she had been caught speeding three times in 2012.

In a statement to The Southland Times, Ms Timms said she regretted that the issuing of her limited licence had come into the public arena and the matter had since been discussed by the council.

"All of the infringements occurred while I was driving my own vehicle for private use. I regret that my actions may have reflected negatively on the imagine [sic] of the council. The conditions of the limited licence allow me to carry out all of my council responsibilities."


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