Poor driving puts children at risk

22:30, Feb 23 2014
Southland Times photo
Senior Constable Fenton Herrick checks vehicle speeds as they pass Fernworth Primary School street crossing on Pomona St, Invercargill.

Police have their eyes on drivers speeding near schools.

Traffic around Fernworth Primary School, in Invercargill, was monitored for an afternoon last week as a part of a focus on school crossing safety.

School community officer Senior Constable Fenton Herrick said there were regular issues with speeding, crossing and parking in school areas.

Fernworth Primary School had problems with drivers speeding down Pomona St and forgetting there was a school, he said.

"Some schools obviously have it harder depending on their locality."

Schools with thoroughfare traffic were particularly vulnerable to unsafe driving at pedestrian crossings.


The congestion around schools increased on wet days because more parents were dropping off and collecting their children in cars, he said.

Pupils monitoring pedestrian crossings had raised concerns about the unsafe driver behaviour, particularly parking in non-parking areas, Mr Herrick said.

This parking obstructed the view of traffic for the monitors.

"I'd say the majority of driving and parking issues are from parents," Mr Herrick said.

The parents were solely thinking about collecting their own children without taking into account the safety of other children, he said.

"Be aware of the safety of the children. Children can be unpredictable."

Police would continue to randomly monitor school crossings around the city.

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