Car runs into parked campervan

16:00, Feb 23 2014

A woman was flown to hospital with a possible leg fracture after a crash on the Milford road that left her trapped in the car at 4.50pm yesterday.

Senior Sergeant Craig Brown, of Southern District, said a campervan had pulled over to the side of the road, about 10 minutes north of Te Anau, when a car travelling behind it crashed into the rear of the campervan.

The female passenger in the car was trapped, and the fire service was called to help remove her.

The woman was transported to Southland Hospital by helicopter with a possible leg fracture.

The Indian male driver of the car suffered minor injuries.

There were four people from the Netherlands in the campervan, two of whom were children. They were taken to a medical centre with minor injuries. Weather conditions did not seem to be a factor in the crash, and investigations were ongoing, he said.


A fire communications spokesman said two fire engines from Te Anau attended the crash and assisted in freeing the trapped woman before waiting for a helicopter to arrive.

Police also attended an incident in Flagstaff Rd in Bluff about 5.20pm, Mr Brown said.

"People went off the road on the way to the lookout," he said.

An ambulance spokesman said no-one was injured.

The Southland Times