Tests shed no light on crash

23:59, Feb 23 2014
Rutger Hale
Rutger Hale

Scientific tests on a mystery object believed to have smashed through the window of the car that then crashed and killed Rutger Hale on State Highway 6 on October 24 last year, have provided little new information to advance the case.

Police said today that material from an unknown object obtained from the Subaru Mr Hale was driving had been sent to both ESR and the University of Otago for analysis.

The tests revealed that the object was made of or contained fragments of stainless steel of a common grade used in vehicle parts and other everyday items such as tools and cookware.

The object also comprised common minerals naturally occurring in soil or dirt in the South Island.

The case remained open and if any new information came to hand it would be investigated further, police said.

"Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Rutger Hale as we are at this stage unfortunately unable to progress the case to any satisfactory conclusion," Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said.

The investigation findings will now be referred to the coroner.


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