Thelma's 60 years of showing horses

21:09, Feb 27 2014
thelma busby
A KISS: Thelma Busby and her miniature horse Rosewood ‘‘Paddy’’ Ringmaster getting ready for the Southland A & P Show tomorrow.

Thelma Busby remembers her first Southland A & P Show like it was yesterday, but it was actually 60 years ago.

On January 29, 1954, the royal visit to Invercargill took place and so, too, did Mrs Busby's first Southland A & P Show.

She had the best seat in the house sitting on her pony which was adorned with her first Southland A & P Show ribbon, as the royal procession passed her by on her way home.

This year marks 60 years since her first Southland A & P Show and her love of them is yet to diminish.

The Southland A & P Show has been a family tradition for five generations.

Thomas Hughes, Mrs Busby's grandfather, showed horses at his first in 1914 and the family's never stopped since.


Since her first show Mrs Busby has shown ponies, hack horses, carriage horses and 17 years ago she began showing miniature horses.

Despite the changing times the family has always stuck with their favourite animal.

"It's always been horses, right through the generations," Mrs Busby said.

The fifth generation is no different with Mrs Busby and her great-niece Jadana Thurlow, 14, showing miniature horses together this Saturday.

It will be Jadana's first Southland A & P show.

"She's really excited," Mrs Busby said.

The Southland A & P Show is on at Donovan Park tomorrow from 9.30am.


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