Call from assaulted and robbed taxi driver's cellphone released

Detectives in Queenstown have released an audio recording of a late-night call to a taxi dispatcher after a robbery in the resort.

A Green Cabs driver was allegedly assaulted by three men at about 3.20am on February 5, after driving a man to the Queenstown recreation grounds.

The driver drove to Memorial St, after his passenger said he was meeting a friend to borrow money to pay the fare.

The passenger went to use a public toilet. When he failed to return the driver went looking for him on foot, but was attacked and allegedly robbed by the passenger and two other men. A cash box containing about $700 and a cellphone were taken.

Detective Matt Jones of Queenstown yesterday released an audio recording of a call to Green Cabs from the driver's phone on the morning of the robbery at 4.32am.

"In the recording you can hear the taxi dispatcher in Wellington talking to a girl who has the stolen phone. It is clear enough to easily recognise her voice," he said.

The caller states her name as "Michelle Green" and gives a fictitious address and phone number.

Police want the public's help to share the audio file on social media and identify the voice.

The dispatcher asks where the woman got the phone. She replies "A friend". When told the dispatcher believes the phone belonged to his friend, she hangs up.

Anyone with information should contact Queenstown police on (03) 4411600 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


The Southland Times