Three charged in harvest season inquiry

Queenstown police have charged three people, including two Britons, with cannabis dealing as part of a harvest season investigation.

Detective Matt Jones said yesterday police were actively investigating cannabis dealing in Queenstown, focusing on suppliers and buyers. I

t was cannabis harvest time and police were investigating those suspected of dealing or buying.

"Over the past few weeks we have been executing a few warrants to do with cannabis dealing in Queenstown and we have recovered small amounts of cannabis," he said.

"There's a lot of cannabis around town at the moment. There're a few different people involved in selling it and we are just looking at targeting those people."

On Thursday, three men, including two Britons aged 29 and 32, were arrested. The Britons, on working holiday visas, were charged with possession of cannabis for supply.

A third man was also charged with possession of cannabis for supply and Mr Jones said police expected to lay more charges or make more arrests.


The Southland Times