Boating on Bowmont

20:16, Mar 12 2014
boat trailer
RUNAWAY BOAT: A 6.9m boat fell off a trailer with a 'massive boom' and skidded down the street.

A boat fell off its trailer and skidded 20 metres down an Invercargill street.

Witness Steve Dryden, who was in Clyde St, said a truck towing the trailer and boat went around the corner and into Bowmont St about 4.20pm yesterday when the mishap unfolded.

There was a "massive boom" and the 6.9m alloy Stabicraft boat skidded about 20m down the road in a straight line, he said.

Luckily, the boat did not hit anything.

Mr Dryden said Ministry for Primary Industries officers appeared to want to cover up the identifying Fisheries logo on the boat after the mishap.

People from surrounding businesses went outside to see what had happened, he said.


The boat was lifted back onto the trailer with the assistance of a crane.

A Ministry for Primary Industries spokesman confirmed the boat came off the trailer on a return route to Invercargill.

The ministry apologised if anyone was inconvenienced, he said.

An internal investigation to determine what happened would be undertaken, he said.

Invercargill police could not be contacted last night.

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