Missing woman back in Perth

22:57, Mar 12 2014

A woman reported missing after arriving in Invercargill from Perth last Sunday is safe and sound back with her family in Australia.

Robyn Barbara Mackay's family reported she had left Perth, Western Australia, last Saturday destined for Invercargill New Zealand.

Family members Scott Mackay and Kaycee Mackay said contact was lost with Ms Mackay after she reportedly landed in Invercargill on Sunday morning.

After several days without hearing from Ms Mackay they appealed for help to find their loved one.

On a Missing People New Zealand Facebook post Scott Mackay wrote ''she [Robyn] has not been seen or heard from for four days.

She has never left her family for any longer then one day with out contacting them.


Everybody in our family are worried. We really need information ASAP.'' However, police confirmed today Ms Mackay was back in Perth.

Sergeant Brent Kingsland, of Invercargill, said he had received word from the family Ms Mackay had flown back to Perth yesterday and landed in the early hours of this morning.

''There was an email from her family confirming she was home,'' he said.

Police were notified Ms Mackay was missing on Monday and a missing person alert was logged.

If there was no information of her whereabouts today, police would have stepped up their search, Mr Kingsland said.

Ms Mackay's arrival at Invercargill airport was confirmed through CCTV footage and it was also established she had booked a bus ticket for Wanaka, he said.

However, that's when the trail went cold.

''We have no idea where she went after that,'' Mr Kingsland said.

Police were contacting Ms Mackay's family to establish what happened and where she went for the days she was missing, he said.

''It would have been a tough time for family and friends. When a loved one goes missing it can be very disheartening,'' Mr Kingsland said.

It was good to have a happy ending, he said.



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