Strange lights above the city

22:44, Mar 13 2014

Some Invercargill residents were left curious last night after seeing ''dots of light'' in the sky.

Grasmere resident Campbell Henderson said he and his mother had seen about eight dots of light in the sky to the north-east of the city about 9pm. 

They were all moving south at the same pace.

The ''dots of light'' were orange coloured and brighter than stars.

The lights whittled away before disappearing, he said.

Another Invercargill resident was in Windsor when she saw three red to orange ''flickery lights'' in the sky about the same time.


Alex Crackett said the lights were ''dancing around each other''.

About 20 minutes later she noticed another light but in a different spot, she said.

Lloyd Esler, author of The Story of Astronomy in Southland, said he was unsure what the lights were.

However, they could have either been a spacecraft that had re-entered the atmosphere and broken up or a meteorite that had broken up.

''It's very normal to see something like this,'' he said.

The Southland Times