Welcome to the world Rakiura Two

22:55, Mar 13 2014
Rakiura Two
New kakapo chick Rakiura Two.

The Kakapo Recovery team has welcomed another addition to the endangered kakapo population.

Mother, Rakiura's second egg hatched yesterday morning and is temporarily named Rakiura Two.

Sadly the joy of Little Rakiura's arrival was tempered with the death of another chick soon after it was born on Tuesday.

Kakapo Recovery technical officer Daryl Eason said the chick born to Huhana died a few hours after hatching.

''It was disapointing to lose the chick but unfortunately not everything runs smoothly with trying to save the kakapo,'' he said.

Rakiura Two was doing well 24 hours after emerging into the world and was being hand-fed by staff on Codfish Island, Mr Eason said.


The kakapo population is now perched at 126. Lisa One who was born two weeks ago and was also doing well.

An attempt was made to return her to her mother but that did not prove successful so she was back in the hands of staff, Mr Eason said.  

Several more eggs were expected to hatch in the coming days, he said.

* To watch video of Lisa One, who was born two weeks ago click here.

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