Mule challenges people to push new boundaries

16:00, Mar 16 2014

A growing passion for different challenges and a drive to push boundaries saw hundreds of people compete in Mule - a new terrain-based obstacle course event in Queenstown at the weekend.

Organiser Dugald Peters said more than 400 competitors took part in the first bi-annual event that was designed by former members of the British Parachute Regiment and built on private land beyond Moke Lake.

"It was about being able to create something that everyone can get into. We live in a place where a lot of elite athletes live and the passion for this style of event is growing and growing. People want different challenges."

The event was made up of 23 obstacles including a gully mud crawl, scaling an eight-foot fence, hill ascent and sand bag carry.

With 10km times ranging from 1hr 47secs "these sort of challenges are not about time".

"We have built substantial obstacles keeping with the landscape. The natural landscape is a massive part of it - the hills, rivers and gullies," Mr Peters said. The event was broken down into a 10km, 5km, family and youth category.

"The atmosphere was brilliant . . . there were no injuries, no negative aspects to the event. People were talking about coming back to the winter event straight away."

The winter Mule will be on July 5 and would be a "significant challenge", Mr Peters said.


The Southland Times