Supermarket oysters poached

03:26, Mar 18 2014
tdn oy stand

Bluff oysters are so irresistible customers at City New World New Plymouth are eating them before they get to the check out.

The Taranaki Daily News understands customers are asking for pottles of oysters at the fish-counter and then eating them before they have to pay the $27.99 they cost at the checkout.

Empty oyster pottles are reportedly being left around the store.

So to foil the oyster thieves the supermarket has introduced a ticket system.

When a customer wants to buy oysters at the fish counter, they are given a ticket to take to the check out.

At the check out, someone races to the fish counter to collect the fishy delicacies.

So far we haven't been able to track down other supermarkets with the same problem.



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