Patient feels let down by hospital's doctors

Kathleen Lansdell has given up on getting well.

The 23-year-old was referred to Southland Hospital for a colonoscopy in February 2012 - and she is still waiting.

"I was put on the semi-urgent list by a doctor at the hospital but then, in May last year, I got a letter saying it was inappropriate for me to stay on the waiting list," she said.

Miss Lansdell said she constantly felt sick and often had severe pain. "I would get hard out pain and I would have to stop everything to just go and lie down."

But in May last year, Miss Lansdell received a letter from the Southern District Health Board gastroenterology clinical leader Jason Hill saying her symptoms were "suggestive of irritable bowel syndrome", a diagnosis that does not require a colonoscopy.

"I don't know how they can say it is irritable bowel syndrome because I have no specific triggers," she said.

Since being taken off the list, Miss Lansdell has given up on trying to get a medical diagnosis for her conditions.

"I just put up with them now. I am sick of putting up with doctors who will not listen. It's like, if they cannot assess you properly, they try to diagnose you with the easiest option."

A DHB spokeswoman said the board could not comment because it would breach patient confidentiality.

The Southland Times