Mail doesn't always get through in city

16:00, Mar 23 2014

An Invercargill resident is fed up with New Zealand Post after he says it failed to deliver.

But NZ Post disagrees.

Pensioner Malcolm Mulvihill, formerly of Hawke's Bay, moved to Invercargill on February 10, seeking respite from neighbours.

However, the shift has led to yet more trouble - his post has not moved with him.

Mr Mulvihill said he contacted NZ Post on January 22 to inform it of his impending move south and was told his mail would be redirected from January 24.

Weeks later, the postman had not delivered. Mr Mulvihill said he had received no mail redirected by NZ Post, despite subscribing to a number of catalogues and other items.


"I thought, this is most peculiar," he said.

After contacting NZ Post to query the whereabouts of his missing mail, he was told the redirection was working fine and, if there was a fault, it would have been him filling out the form incorrectly.

A spokesperson for NZ Post said to the best of its knowledge, Mr Mulvihill's redirection was in place and working correctly.

Mr Mulvihill said he was outraged.

NZ Post said it would investigate further if more information came to light.

The Southland Times