'Careless' owners' cars being robbed

Invercargill police are disappointed that city residents are ignoring their advice and leaving themselves open to become victims.

The call comes after a spate of thefts from unlocked cars in the Gladstone area.

Senior Sergeant Wing-wah Ng said there had been six thefts from cars in one night, some of which were from vehicles parked in owners' driveways. All the vehicles were unlocked, he said.

He was surprised that people were being so careless with their belongings, and not taking action to save themselves from becoming victims.

"It seems we've been inundated with these reports," he said.

Police wanted to work to prevent crime, rather than react to it, and the public should make an effort to do the same.

"Don't be a victim before you learn the lesson," he said.

As well as thefts from inside the vehicles, cars had also been reported stolen from the same areas.

"Don't be complacent. Just because your car is parked up your driveway doesn't mean it's safe."

Remove items from your car that would take less than a minute to steal, he said.

Mr Ng reminded people that even if their car was parked in a carport or garage, it still needed to be secured.

A car was also taken from Isabella St on Monday night, but it was unknown whether the theft was connected to incidents in the Gladstone area, Mr Ng said.

The Southland Times