Winton gets the lowdown

16:00, Mar 25 2014

Winton people were out in force last night to get the facts on legal highs and the implications of the possible sale of the drugs in the town.

Anti-psychoactive substances campaigner Rachel Cummings, of Winton, was there with a display of legal highs and drug paraphernalia, "so parents know what they look like and smell like and can recognise them on their kids".

Invercargill police spoke about the Psychoactive Substances Act and incidents involving legal highs that police have to deal with.

The Southland District Council gave its stand on legal high sales in Winton while Supporting Families Southland talked about those recovering from the drugs and the effects it had on families.

Winton GP Phillip White spoke of the fallout of substance abuse from a local perspective.

A petition against the sale of legal highs in Winton has almost topped 2000 signatures, which is the estimated population of the township.


The Southland Times