Barclay: 'Highlight in hairdressing'

01:10, Mar 27 2014
Adrian Barclay
Adrian Barclay.

Venom hair salon owner and creative designer Adrian Barclay now knows what it feels like to be a rockstar.

Barclay has just returned from Thailand where he was educating hairdressers on international cutting trends.

Barclay said the treatment he received was "amazing" and "overwhelming".

"It was probably one of one of my highlights from my 20 years' hairdressing."

While in Bangkok, Barclay spent his time instructing daily seminars and doing a live cutting show.

There are 46,000 hair salons in Thailand and in 2015 the country will open its borders to other hairdressing brands.


The aim of his visit was to teach local hairdressers the skills to compete with international hair brands.

"My role was to really help bring them up to the international standard," Barclay said.

While there he was able to teach them some of the styles he had invented which Venom is known for.

"I got a huge kick out of that, it was a pretty amazing experience, " he said.

The trip happened after Barclay was approached by L'oreal in Thailand and more international trips may be on the cards after the success of this one, Barclay said.


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