Exclusion zone added to waste disposal rules

21:04, Mar 27 2014

Environment Southland has changed the rules around disposing of waste into landfills and offal pits, and the management of contaminated land.

At an extraordinary council meeting on Wednesday, Environment Southland adopted Plan Change 14, an update on the regional water plan.

The changes update requirements relating to the disposal of waste and materials into landfills and farm offal holes. They also set up regimes for the management of those discharges where they may enter surface water or groundwater.

Resource planner Emma Moran said among the changes was a new 250-metre exclusion zone around drinking water sites.

"We've been working hard to make sure that there's that balance between what's practical and making sure we're protecting things like community water supply and the receiving environment."

Sites considered to be contaminated from previous activities, such as former petrol stations or waste disposal sites, will also have their ongoing discharges managed through these new provisions.


Deputy chairman Nicol Horrell said Environment Southland had been working closely with the community to develop a practical approach that would protect things such as drinking water supplies and aquatic ecosystems.

"We have ended up with a result that hopefully will achieve the best outcomes for the community. If you are a farmer or deal with the disposal of waste or cleanfill, then these new provisions may affect you," he said.

The decisions are now subject to appeal to the Environment Court for a period of 30 working days.


The Southland Times