'Disgusting' smell wafts over Bluff

20:28, Mar 30 2014

A mysterious odour, believed to be the smell of fish guts, caused a bit of a stink among Bluff residents at the weekend.

Bluff residents reported a "disgusting" odour around the town on Saturday.

They described it as smelling like cat pee, animal manure or burning rubbish.

The smell is understood to have been caused by fish guts being processed to be used as fertiliser.

Bluff Community Board chairman Raymond Fife said the stench, which he thought smelt like silage, could be detected all over Bluff on Saturday afternoon and evening.

"No one could pinpoint where it was coming from. It was definitely not coming from within Bluff."


It had not reappeared on Sunday, he said.

Another Bluff resident said the smell was so bad she was dry retching in her garden.

She believed the smell was salmon guts coming from a farm near Greenhills, and she had tried phoning Environment Southland to complain.

Environment Southland spokeswoman Adrienne Henderson said a compliance officer had gone to Bluff to investigate, after the council's pollution hotline received multiple complaints.

The officer confirmed there was a "very bad" smell around Bluff, and tracked it down to a property about 5km away, she said.

Henderson was not able to confirm the source of the stench yesterday, but expected this information to be available today.

The next step would be for the compliance officer to put together a file on the odour and determine if the consent holder responsible for the odour would face further action, such as education or an enforcement notice, Henderson said.


The Southland Times